We’re inquisitive and open-minded, and we make sure creativity crowds out ego from every corner. A brand is a living thing, with values, a personality and a story. If we ignore that, we can achieve short-term success, but not influence that goes the distance. We bring that perspective to every brand story we help tell.


  • Strategy
  • Advertising
  • Branding
  • Design
  • Social responsability

Our Work Born in curiosity, raised by dedication and fed with a steady diet of creativity.

Our Creative Simmering in an environment where talent can come to a full boil. Encouraged to become the best versions of ourselves.

Our Culture We’re open to each other. Period. The team works together to create a space that makes us proud.

Our Team

  • Account executive Sophie Auger
  • Art director / Design Cécile Tousignant
  • General Manager Sébastien Moïse
  • Account Director Isabelle Beauchemin
  • Art Director / Design Hugo Joseph
  • Account Director Caroline Lavado
  • Copywriter Alexis Renaud
  • Creative Director Chantal Gobeil
  • Conseillère production et opération Mylène St-Arneault