La Coop fédérée becomes Sollio Groupe Coopératif Read

The agriculture division — Sollio Agriculture

  1. Brand strategy
  2. Naming
  3. Logo
  4. Brand platform
  5. Launch
  6. Campaign

La Coop fédérée becomes Sollio, Cooperative Group. We had to update the logo, with its rich history, while keeping in mind the down-to-earth nature of those who feed us. Furthermore, we had to inspire change in order to reflect today’s reality and safeguard prosperity for generations to come. We listened to producers, employees, and over 40 agronomists and technologists to stimulate our thinking process and ensure we properly represent the situation of farmers today. At the heart of the new logo are the furrows of a field, a nod to the previous logo, the rays of the sun and the rotation of the Earth. The logo evokes three fingerprints coming together as one, symbolizing the community of people working hand in hand towards a sustainable future. We’ve also humanized the platform, anchoring it in values of solidarity — a simple font, straightforward imagery and a colour palette straddling night and day.