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Launching the first ever stand-up snowmobile

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Widescape, the first ever stand-up snowmobile, offers more action and more emotion. Not just an all-new brand, it’s also a completely new category of product that will transform winter motorsports like never before.

In 2021, we had to generate hype and exciting suspense around the Widescape, a machine that consumers had no idea existed nor the experience it offered. “Winter will never be the same”, the brand’s first North American campaign, toggled between mystery and sudden reveal to build awareness and inspire people to pre-order a Widescape.

Media measurements of the teaser and launch were off the scale. The first video was seen 6.2 million times, with a completion rate of 96% (benchmark: 55-60%). The appetites of enthusiasts were whetted: they frequently asked in the comments when they would find out more about this mysterious machine. Following this first phase, nearly 3,000 people left us their emails to be notified of the release.

When Widescape was unveiled, the buzz was felt all over the media. Dailies like La Presse, The Globe and Mail and The National Post covered the launch, along with specialty media like RPM and Auto Guide. Some 104 mentions in free media coverage were made for a reach of up to 50 million people.

In the 14 days following the reveal, the campaign garnered 2.9 million additional views for the second video. It was worth the wait, as nearly one month after the event, Widescape confirmed that it completed all 2,500 presales: all of the available inventory. By showcasing Widescape this way, we established the brand as a revolution that will transform motorsports forever.